First Visit

sidebar_blueYour first visit to Lenhart Chiropractic Clinic will begin with a case history.  After the doctor has reviewed your case history you will have a consultation with the doctor.  This consultation allows Dr. Lenhart to customize your examination to your condition as well as to the type of care you will be receiving.

If you wish to enter our Wellness Program the initial consultation and case history will be quite extensive.  Your dietary habits, exercise regimen, work status and health status will be reviewed in detail. Patients entering the Wellness Program should allow at least one hour for the consultation and initial visit with Dr. Len Lenhart.

Examination Procedures:

All of the examination procedures are tailored to the patient’s condition and history as well as the type of care provided.  While standard Chiropractic evaluation procedures will enable the doctor to properly diagnose many conditions, patients who will be treated using specific upper cervical care will also undergo x-ray evaluation of the neck during the initial visit.

For patients who undergo Meridian Therapy, a procedure known as Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI) will accompany the standard chiropractic examination.  EMI, also known as ryodoraku, is a computer enhanced method of evaluating the balance of the 12 acupuncture meridians.  During EMI, Dr. John Lenhart places a probe on the skin over specific acupoints corresponding to the meridians.  This examination is extremely reliable, accurate and is quickly becoming the standard method of diagnosis.

While in some occasions additional testing such as lab tests or diagnostic imaging will need to be ordered, most patients will be able to begin with the report of findings.  The doctor will discuss the findings from the consultation and examination.  During this report of findings you and the doctor will decide the best course of care for your health.