Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy -  Meridian therapy is the accepted name employed by those who practice the principle of acupuncture without the use of a penetrating needle.  Dr. John Lenhart uses a “soft” laser instrument that combines the laser light with a microelectric stimulation of the acupuncture meridian points.

In his book, Personal Experience Points, Dr. John Amaro states that research has demonstrated that “stimulation by this means (laser) can be as much as two to three times more effective than needle stimulation.”  Additionally, the laser stimulation eliminates the chance of infection.  Because the skin is not punctured, meridian therapy can be performed on higher risk patients such as those with diminished immune response due to illness or chemotherapy.   With no risk of bleeding, meridian therapy can be applied to those with bleeding problems such as patient’s taking medications such as Coumadin and Plavix.

Note:  In Classic Acupuncture, needles are inserted into specific meridian points.
Meridian therapy applies high tech laser and micro electric stimulation to achieve
an even greater response to stimulation of the identical points